Here is where you we get to the nitty gritty about pricing and packages and how you can book Anna Rose Photography for your wedding or portrait session.



  • We believe that the most elegant images are captured candidly
  • Our clients do not want to turn their wedding day into a photo shoot
  • They want natural and relaxed images that capture romance, joy and happiness, with as much natural interaction with their guests, their bridal party and each other, as possible
  • They do not want pushy photographers in their face all day directing them as though they are on the set of a feature film
  • When they are guided they want the photographer to do so gently, so as to preserve the naturalness of the moment
  • They want beautiful images taken by a trustworthy, talented and friendly professional
  • They want to be able to trust the artist chosen to photograph for them to be professional, approachable, well presented and reputable
  • They want quality products delivered in a timely manner



We believe it is essential that we are the right fit with our couple’s before we accept a wedding commission. That is why we ask that you use the following questionnaire to let us know a little more about your wedding plans. This will help US determine if we might be the right photographers for you, and will help YOU decide whether we have the approach and style you are looking for.

  • How you describe your wedding style? (traditional, classic, vintage, indie, handmade, hip, unusual)
  • What interested you in the Anna Rose style of photography?
  • Is your groom (or bride) as “into” photography are you are? Have you both discussed what you like?
  • Have you discussed your photography budget? If not, please do discuss with each other before a consultation.
  • What time are you planning to get married? (eg, 1pm ceremonies don’t usually suit this style of photography as we end up with *too* much time Whereas 3-4pm ceremonies suit our style perfectly)
  • Do you love candid, relaxed, natural images with touch of romance and whimsy, as much as we do? :o)
  • We work best when our clients trust us as visual artist to produce images that reflect our individual style and artistic eye. Is this something you are comfortable with?
  • We choose not to work with videographers for artistic reasons. This is for the simple reason that having two visual artists with you on the day works in direct conflict with our style and approach — it’s nothing personal — it’s simply a case of wanting to achieve the best possible candid and natural images in keeping with our style.

Jen - Photographer

Emma - Associate Photographer


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